Risco Panda 2-way 4 Button Remote Keyfob

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Risco Panda 2Way 4 Button Remote Keyfob
RWX332KF400A – 433MHz

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RISCO’s 2-way wireless keyfob is an innovative and visually appealing addition to their hybrid and wireless intrusion systems. Sporting a contemporary design with a compact and streamlined form, it’s the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Providing four functions; full, part and perimeter set, unset and panic alarm generation, it provides an unmatched level of security and accessibility. The keyfob is small and compact, can fit easily onto a keychain and uses a 3V lithium battery, providing a long battery life.

  • The keyfob is compatible with RISCO’s latest hybrid and wireless intrusions detection systems and can be easily allocated
    Agility, Wicomm, Wicomm Pro, LightSYS and ProSYS Plus

Key Features:

    • Contemporary, compact and streamlined design
    • Easy allocation
    • Easy battery replacement
    • Colored LED display
    • Acknowledgment from panel upon each command
    • Request-based system status indication
    • Panic alarm
    • Activate and deactivate UO
    • Low battery indicator


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