Do not touch bare wires!

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Do not touch bare wires!

From time to time security systems if not regularly serviced or maintained can play up and in most cases its during after hours. Therefore,  it’s not real easy to get a technician out to resolve the issue.

We urge our customers not to attempt to self-diagnose or try to shut down the system. In most cases,  security systems are powered by a 220 Volt AC Mains. Therefore, accidental contact with the incorrect wires can be fatal.

Get in-touch with us on our 24hr number (0800-344-462) and speak to one of our on-call technician. Our qualified technicians can then guide you over the phone to safely shut down the system or you may request for an After-Hour service technician to come out and resolve the issue.

Whatever you think is the right thing, rethink it for a moment and say to yourself – is it worth it? Don’t risk it…Adam Siale

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